Suck it up Edmonton

The inevitability of the situation was overwhelming. Nearly a decade has passed since its intensity burned hottest. Some had even written it off as a piece of history, a moment in time that will never be forgotten, but never repeated. Yet, over the past few months, the sleeping monster has begun to stir, and all… Continue reading Suck it up Edmonton

Up-beat cynicism worth the wait

Never has a press release been so right. The Nettwerk biography of The Proclaimers calls brothers Charlie and Craig Reid "uncompromising musicians," and the name is well deserved. "In regards to writing, we first and foremost write the songs for ourselves," says vocalist Craig Reid in an unwavering Scottish accent. "You might think we’d never… Continue reading Up-beat cynicism worth the wait

Festival fills folk music void

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That seems to be the theme surrounding the 2001 Calgary Folk Music Festival. According to festival Associate Producer Kerry Clarke, while the artists may switch from year to year, the format is much the same–from the qualities of performers to the type of crowds to… Continue reading Festival fills folk music void

Klein bears down on G-8 summit

In a bold move that has animal rights and social activist groups up in arms, the Alberta government has implemented a controversial new strategy to deal with the “hordes of punks and thugs” that will descend on Kananaskis next year for the Group of Eight Summit. "We simply don’t have enough police to handle the… Continue reading Klein bears down on G-8 summit