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Controversy grows over St. Mary’s O-week chant

By Ashton Chugh

An event which occurred on Sept. 5 during orientation week at St. Mary’s University in Halifax has been the subject of much controversy. During an event sanctioned by the St. Mary’s Students’ Association, student leaders led first-years in a chant that celebrated nonconsensual sex with underage girls. A video of the chant, which was posted… Continue reading Controversy grows over St. Mary’s O-week chant

Hungry… for a change?

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By Tamara Cottle

Food banks are an important commodity on campus for students who are stretched financially thin. Mary Hart*, arts major and a single mother at the University of Calgary, uses the Campus Food Bank regularly. Before she was a student, Hart was a starving artist, working three jobs and supporting a child on her own. In… Continue reading Hungry… for a change?

Rape culture runs deeper than chants

By Emily Leedham

The chant that gained infamy at Saint Mary’s University has made major headlines, and while this has drawn attention to the essential issue of sexual assault on campus, we need to recognize that this “rape culture” we’re hearing about is nothing new. Splashy headlines about rape draw major webpage traffic, so the media cashes in… Continue reading Rape culture runs deeper than chants

Rosemary’s baby…

Geez, the end of human dignity sure snuck up on us. This week saw Ron Harris, a fashion photographer, throw a new twist into internet shopping clubs. He is offering the ovarian eggs of models to the highest bidder. Yes, at $150,000 an egg, you too can have a model baby. We stress to the… Continue reading Rosemary’s baby…

Maclean’s rankings

By Mary Chan

Maclean’s magazine released its annual university rankings on November 1 that looks at the pros and cons of Canadian post-secondary institutions. The University of Calgary is not always at the top of Maclean’s university rankings. However, according to Maclean’s, the 
U of C is improving.
 The U of C is ranked eighth out of 15… Continue reading Maclean’s rankings

The future shouldn’t be nine to five

By Mary Chan

For several weeks now, university students have been searching for summer jobs, hoping to find something that will pay well enough to cover next year’s tuition. Finding the money to finish a degree is a mere precursor to a dilemma many students face upon graduation: how to parlay said degree into a viable, long-term career.… Continue reading The future shouldn’t be nine to five