Spun: Belle Star

 While listening to country radio last weekend I was generally disenchanted with the new, repetitive music I was hearing. However, one song, “New Girl Now,” kept coming on and I began to enjoy it more and more every time I heard it. The DJ said it was by Belle Starr, whom I had never… Continue reading Spun: Belle Star

Acting a play of one

Urban Curvz Theatre is bringing Quebec playwright Jennifer Tremblay’s award winning play The List to Calgary from May 30 to June 8 at the Epcor Centre’s Motel.
 The List is the story of a woman who writes lists to desperately attempt to control and order her daily life after a tragic event.
 Tremblay received the… Continue reading Acting a play of one

Artist crowdfunds new album

Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Epp’s latest album, his second with The Amorian Assembly, exists because fans want it to exist.
 Their album, Learning To Lose Control, is the result of a crowd-funding campaign in spring 2012 through the website Kapipal — a money collection site similar to the more well known Indiegogo and Kickstarter — where… Continue reading Artist crowdfunds new album

Peewee is not the pros

There is no pastime that unites this vast and diverse country under one national identity quite like hockey does. 
Canadians see hockey as a way of taking the curse of six cruel months of winter and turning it into a blessing. The rugged and resilient nature of the Canadian spirit is reflected in the signature… Continue reading Peewee is not the pros

New engineering competition

The first ever Canadian-hosted international engineering competition will take place at the University of Calgary from Sept. 11-15.
 The Shell International Engineering Competition will bring the brightest minds from top engineering schools around the world to showcase unique solutions to environmental issues and find new energy delivery strategies.
 The competition was founded by the Canadian… Continue reading New engineering competition