Efficiency threatens Canadian identity

By Editorial

Certain ideas invoke fear deep in the souls of Canadians, especially those who gather their socialist identity around them like a security blanket pulled tightly over a child’s head during a thunderstorm. One easy way to threaten a Canadian is to mention "privatization" in the same sentence as "health care." Putting critical social services on… Continue reading Efficiency threatens Canadian identity

Students steaming mad at SU

By David Quayat

Editors, the GauntletRe: “McQ’s becomes McSU’s,” May 18, 2000     Editors, the GauntletRe: "McQ’s becomes McSU’s," May 18, 2000       I am writing to express my total disgust over the Students’ Union decision to take over McQ’s. I think it is a sad day indeed when the SU decides it necessary to shut down a family business,… Continue reading Students steaming mad at SU

No brakes on fee increase

By Rhia Perkins

University of Calgary students who drive will need more change to get a parking spot each day. Starting July 7, pay-per-entry parking rates on campus will increase by approximately 25 cents all over campus, the price for monthly passes will also increase by approximately two dollars while a quarter will buy 13 minutes of meter… Continue reading No brakes on fee increase

Veruca Salt

By Nicole Kobie

Veruca Salt are finally back, and it’s too bad they are. Their latest release, Resolver, is a departure from their earlier bubbly pop songs. The new songs have more of an edge; the band rocks out more on these tracks. The change may be because of the exit of Nina Gordon, who was a primary… Continue reading Veruca Salt