Headbanging homage

By David Kenney

Cigarette dangling from his lip, Matthew Currie Holmes smokes and talks with ease. Clad in acid- washed jeans, a worn red T-shirt and black leather jacket, Currie Holmes looks like a lost banger. In 1986, though, the local actor would have been in all his lighter-waving glory. He laughs, remembering obscure, stupid slang like "gaylord"… Continue reading Headbanging homage

Whammo! Crash! Bam! Pow!

By David Kenney

She’s no comic pin-up. Sure, she might be sleek and curvy, but she’s also mute and deadly. She senses your body movements before you make them so flirting might end up hurting. She’s Batgirl, the anti-comic babe. To fans of the ’60s Batman series, Batgirl played the cute part and saved Batman’s dark butt every… Continue reading Whammo! Crash! Bam! Pow!

Death becomes them: Suicides alluring

By Nicole Kobie

Was there ever someone you knew you’d never forget? For four boys in 1975 Michigan, those girls are the Lisbon sisters, Cecilia, Terese, Mary, Bonnie and Lux. Their beauty, allure, mystery and dramatic actions make them unforgettable. Such is the premise of The Virgin Suicides, a finely crafted drama about the Lisbon girls, narrated by… Continue reading Death becomes them: Suicides alluring