Deranged politicians, get your act together

By Kate Jacobson

Many people find perverse enjoyment in the ridiculousness and melodrama of reality television. These shows represent a welcome break from the daily grind of everyday life — their bizarre nature makes them so enjoyable. But sensational personalities, events and appearances should not represent the public’s focal point in the political sphere. Back up the bus,… Continue reading Deranged politicians, get your act together

Rogers NHL deal won’t score with fans

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

For over 60 years, hockey fans across the country have tuned in to CBC Saturday evenings to watch Hockey Night in Canada. Despite the proliferation of regional broadcasts that make it possible for fans to watch all of their favourite team’s games, Saturday night games on CBC are still eagerly anticipated as a chance for… Continue reading Rogers NHL deal won’t score with fans

Spun: Magnolia

By Felix Mayer

The band Magnolia — made up of Leanne Hoffman and Scott MacLean — made their musical debut on Nov. 5 with the release of their powerful and complex eponymous EP. The duo combines folk, jazz and blues music to a potent effect, creating an album that can be curiously erratic, but is nonetheless enjoyable to… Continue reading Spun: Magnolia

Spun: Tim Moxam

By Connor Sadler

Toronto-based singer songwriter Tim Moxam is launching his solo career with the EP Blue Son. The title, Blue Son, reflects his personal style of music, which is smooth, somber and haunting, but hopeful. Each song on the EP avoids the folk-rock style of his previous band Great Bloomers in favour of a folk-Americana blend of… Continue reading Spun: Tim Moxam

Singing about Christmas and family

By Sean Sullivan

Susan Aglukark is a three-time Juno award-winning singer who sings songs in English and Inuktitut. Aglukark released her ninth album and second holiday album on Nov. 5. When searching for rehearsal space for her and her band before a concert in Saskatoon earlier this month, Aglukark came across Gallery House Concerts in Calgary. The Gauntlet… Continue reading Singing about Christmas and family

Head-to-head: Canada’s Olympic hockey roster

By Suneil Sachdeva

When Team Canada general manager Steve Yzerman sits down to finalize his team’s roster for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, he will be faced with an embarrassment of riches. While players like Sidney Crosby and Shea Weber lead a list of shoo-ins, there are some interesting decisions that must be made to fill out the… Continue reading Head-to-head: Canada’s Olympic hockey roster