Spun: Tim Moxam

By Connor Sadler

Toronto-based singer songwriter Tim Moxam is launching his solo career with the EP Blue Son. The title, Blue Son, reflects his personal style of music, which is smooth, somber and haunting, but hopeful. Each song on the EP avoids the folk-rock style of his previous band Great Bloomers in favour of a folk-Americana blend of sounds, relying heavily on acoustic guitar and even some upright bass to give a rich, deep sound.

Beginning with the first track and namesake of the EP “Blue Son,” Moxam sets an atmosphere for the whole album, one that gently encourages you to drop everything you’re doing to simply sit, listen and be absorbed into the music. “Reborn Man,” encapsulates the album’s hopeful atmosphere, starting off quietly and gradually gaining more energy and voice as the guitar and piano chords pick up and become more noticeable. The EP finishes off with “Live In The Bedroom” which sums up the sound Moxam is looking for, something soft and personal that the listener can relate to and appreciate.

With the beginning of his solo career, Moxam has really found his personal sound. He covers the vocals for all four tracks, giving the music a smooth and intimate feeling. The instrumentals are all soft and tend to fade into the background of the music, centering your attention on the vocals and allowing you to listen to the story behind the lyrics. Blue Son, with its uplifting music, is both inspiring and a perfect album to sit back and relax with.

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