New therapy for hard to cure eating disorders

Although therapies for eating disorders have shown some progress over the last 20 years, none in particular has been overwhelmingly successful. Faculty of education graduate student Reana Saraceni is doing her best to change this.Saraceni is currently running a study looking at the effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for women with eating disorders, which… Continue reading New therapy for hard to cure eating disorders

Letter: university = robber-baron

There is long-standing discontent with the university of Calgary Bachelor of Education’s structure and effectiveness; student opinion has surfaced in letters to administration. November 5, 2010, from: pb To whom it may concern: I am writing to request a partial or full refund for my third semester in the Education faculty. I believe this is… Continue reading Letter: university = robber-baron

Letter: offence taken to offence being taken

This is in response to a previous letter “Gauntlet comic extremely offensive to Sikhs” [Nov. 24, 2011] — which was itself in response to an “offensive” meme-image displayed in the Gaunlet comic strip Network Admin [Nov. 17, 2011]. First, I’d like to thank the author of the letter for explaining the joke, as I now… Continue reading Letter: offence taken to offence being taken

Take women’s studies

It’s time to consider next semester. I suggest you drop that business class and pick up women’s studies instead. Taking a women’s studies class is an excellent way to enhance both your life and your education. women’s studies is often an undervalued field, but the wisdom available holds an immense amount of value. A women’s… Continue reading Take women’s studies

It Gets Better campaign continues

The It Gets Better campaign began in September 2010 by author Dan Savage in an effort to provide a positive message for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth facing harassment and bullying. The project gained mass appeal and sparked a worldwide movement. Since that date, over 30,000 videos have been made and viewed more… Continue reading It Gets Better campaign continues