All the King’s Men

By Aly Gulamhusein

“Photography, I love, because there is a sense of adventure,” says Leya Russell. Photography has always come natural to her. It is a way for her to experience the world– one shutter flicker at a time. For the final project of her bachelor of fine arts degree at the University of Calgary, Leya Russell ventured… Continue reading All the King’s Men

The synchro national meet heads west

By Erin Shumlich

In 2006, the foundation was placed for the synchronized swimming team at the University of Calgary. Initially starting with three girls interested in continuing a sport they loved, the club has grown to be one of the most competitive in Canada. From the moment of the team’s inception, the club’s founding president, Shannon Benson, has… Continue reading The synchro national meet heads west

Copyright confusion

By Michael Grondin

The frustration and confusion surrounding Access Copyright is still ongoing, as universities maintain a ‘wait and see’ approach to the court decision before deciding their next course of action. The partnership between the University of Calgary and Access Copyright, which ended on Sept. 1, 2011, ensured that students and instructors had access to copyrighted works… Continue reading Copyright confusion

Frostbite: U of C’s new winter games hits campus

The Furious Fighting Flamingos work together to solve trivia problems at one of the many Frostbite events taking place this week. Frostbite is a new initiative by the Students’ Union to promote physical and emotional wellness, as well as camaraderie, on campus. Nine teams are participating in the Frostbite Cup this year. Teams take part… Continue reading Frostbite: U of C’s new winter games hits campus

Organic waste bins installed in student centre

By Kaye Coholan

The garbage bins in the MacEwan Student Centre were replaced earlier this month to include a slot for organic waste, but there is confusion around what rubbish goes where. “There have been students putting composting in the landfill,” said Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance Patrick Straw. The bins, which were custom-designed and constructed for… Continue reading Organic waste bins installed in student centre

Persian library opens

By Michael Grondin

The Calgary Persian Library opened at the University of Calgary last on January 24 in the Women’s Resource Centre, giving Iranians in Calgary an opportunity to access Persian literature and culture. “The number of Iranian people in Calgary is rising over time, and we realized that there is not a lot of Persian literature that… Continue reading Persian library opens

Media’s influence on ‘shacking up’

By Pauline Anunciacion

Deciding when to move in together is a major life decision for young couples. Psychology graduate student Marnie Rogers’s research “How to Shack Up, Share Space, and Keep it Sexy” discusses how the prevalent societal messages of cohabitation are reflected in popular magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health. “The nature of these… Continue reading Media’s influence on ‘shacking up’