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Sportspinion: Behind-the-scenes access taking its toll

By Suneil Sachdeva

Our culture has a fascination with looking behind the curtain. We love a good sneak peek, and never tire of hearing any juicy detail leaked from an anonymous source. This strange media truth has been growing steadily and gathering momentum, leading us from tabloid magazines to reality television empires to where we are now —… Continue reading Sportspinion: Behind-the-scenes access taking its toll

Head-to-head: Canada’s Olympic hockey roster

By Suneil Sachdeva

When Team Canada general manager Steve Yzerman sits down to finalize his team’s roster for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, he will be faced with an embarrassment of riches. While players like Sidney Crosby and Shea Weber lead a list of shoo-ins, there are some interesting decisions that must be made to fill out the… Continue reading Head-to-head: Canada’s Olympic hockey roster

Ring of fire

By Suneil Sachdeva

As the only fighter in Ultimate Fighting Championship history to hail from Calgary, Nick “The Promise” Ring holds the crown as the city’s greatest mixed martial arts athlete. With an accomplished history that includes victories in both Bellator MMA and the UFC, Ring has proven to be one of the most dominant professional athletes Calgary… Continue reading Ring of fire

Head-to-head: NBA season preview

By Ashton Chugh

The National Basketball Association’s 2013–14 season is underway. Gauntlet sports writers Ashton Chugh and Suneil Sachdeva have answered the most pressing questions about the next 1230 games. Will the Miami Heat capture their third consecutive championship? Would this put them on the same level as the last two teams to do so (Kobe Bryant’s Lakers… Continue reading Head-to-head: NBA season preview

MMA making assault on Calgary

By Suneil Sachdeva

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s popularity at an all-time high, the sport of mixed martial arts continues to gain momentum, riding the wave into the mainstream and flourishing at the local level in cities around the world. While countries like the United States and Brazil have historically been hotspots for MMA, Canada has had quite… Continue reading MMA making assault on Calgary

Head-to-head: NHL preview

By Suneil Sachdeva

The National Hockey League returned on Oct. 1, and unlike last year, hockey fans are looking forward to a full season. Gauntlet sports writers Suneil Sachdeva and Fabian Mayer have answered some burning questions about the next 1230 games. Will the new division playoff format negatively affect the playoff hopes of Eastern Conference teams, who… Continue reading Head-to-head: NHL preview

Sportspinion: ESPN abandons documentary

By Suneil Sachdeva

Aimed at exposing the National Football League’s failure to properly deal with the health of their players, the upcoming documentary League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis has unintentionally exposed another crisis of denial aligned with the game of football: ESPN’s poorly-handled decision to walk away from the documentary. ESPN cut ties with PBS’s Frontline… Continue reading Sportspinion: ESPN abandons documentary

Sportspinion: The top-10 players in the NHL

By Suneil Sachdeva

10) Alexander Ovechkin 
 (Washington Capitals)
 Once considered the NHL’s best player and later its best goal-scorer, the Alexander Ovechkin of today has relinquished both of these titles. He is an incomparable fusion of speed, skill, tenacity and has long been one of the game’s most passionate contributors. Yet, Ovechkin seems mired in a downward… Continue reading Sportspinion: The top-10 players in the NHL