Stolen bikes and broken pipes

By Kris Rollheiser

It was another relatively busy, but unexciting month at Campus Security. April came to a close with few incidents, some personnel shuffling and a few recommendations on how to have a safe summer.

Bermuda Shorts Day, usually a concern, was less eventful than in previous years. Only two participants were arrested for being drunk in public and no alcohol-related calls were made to Emergency Medical Services.

"A first in several years," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz.

Security removed several weapons, a pipe, a knife and a machete from four non-residents in a dispute that occurred at a University of Calgary residence. The dispute was between two U of C residents. The nonresidents were charged with various criminal offenses by Calgary Police.

Four complaints of e-mail harassment were investigated. One case was referred to the Dean of General Studies for non-academic misconduct.

"It involved the harassment of a professor by a student," reported Fritz.

Students were evacuated from Cascade Hall because of a watermain break in the basement.

Although the students were soon able to return to their residences, some complained about the smell from the flood. Currently, there is no report on the extent of the damages or the cost of the break.

Campus security lost some personnel in April as well.

"Three officers resigned to accept Constable positions with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Calgary Transit Protective Services and the RCMP," said Fritz.

"It is a testament to the quality of our people that other institutions are interested in them," said Patrol Supervisor Ken Kress.

There were no major incidents in the weeks following BSD and security expects it to remain that way for the rest of the summer. Still, there are a number of security considerations that students need to be aware of.

"As usual, Safewalk is available on request day or night," noted Kress. Students should feel free to use this service if they need to.

In addition, it is important to keep possessions out of sight when they are stored in a vehicle.

"It only takes a small stone to break into a car and steal a $200 pair of sunglasses," said Kress.

Another area of concern is the increase in bicycle traffic on campus. When parking your bicycle, it is important to have a high quality lock to prevent bicycle theft, Kress advised.

"A $40 investment is worth it," he said. "It keeps a student from losing $500, or even $2000, depending on what their bike is worth."

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