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Students steaming mad at SU

By David Quayat

Editors, the GauntletRe: “McQ’s becomes McSU’s,” May 18, 2000     Editors, the GauntletRe: "McQ’s becomes McSU’s," May 18, 2000       I am writing to express my total disgust over the Students’ Union decision to take over McQ’s. I think it is a sad day indeed when the SU decides it necessary to shut down a family business,… Continue reading Students steaming mad at SU

Hannah Murray censured

By Mary Chan

A Tribunal ruling has wrapped up protracted proceedings stemming back to last Spring’s Students’ Union General Election.The Students’ Union Tribunal has reversed a Review Board decision, ruling that student Hannah Murray contravened SU election bylaws. Murray distributed and posted materials during the 1999 SU General Election accusing presidential candidate David Quayat of sexual harassment. Quayat… Continue reading Hannah Murray censured

Survey says…

According to a poll conducted by the University of Calgary’s ACCORD Research of 106 students. Do you intend on voting in the upcoming Students’ Union election? (in er cent) yes 33 no 50 Don’t know/not sure 12.3 What do you believe to be the most important issue that the Students’ Union should be addressing? (in… Continue reading Survey says…

Presidential race

By Brian Arkinstall

In a vast departure from the three candidates who ran last year, this year there are seven candidates running for the prestigious position of Students’ Union President. The election race promises to be quite heated, considering pressing campus issues and the sheer number of candidates running.The candidates present a wide variety of goals and proposals,… Continue reading Presidential race

Postering violation

By Sadiq Javer

This year’s Students’ Union general election has been plagued by the removal and defacement of posters, and the distribution of illegal pamphlets.According to the SU poster policy, candidates are given certain guidelines to follow regarding the hanging of posters. The SU poster policy states: "No organization or person shall remove or cover a valid poster."Chief… Continue reading Postering violation

Presidential forum

By Natalie Sit

Last Thursday’s Students’ Union general election presidential candidate forum drew six of the seven candidates to Speakers’ Corner in MacEwan Hall. Students gathered around three levels of stairs to listen to the candidates answer questions from moderator and current SU President Paul Galbraith and the floor.Reviews of the forum were mixed, though most candidates were… Continue reading Presidential forum

Survey says…

Do you intend on voting in the upcoming Students’ Union election? (in per cent) yes 44.2 no 47.1 Don’t know/not sure 8.7 Do you agree or disgree that the Gauntlet should endorse candidates in the SU election? (in per cent) Strongly disagree 30.1 Somewhat disagree 16.6 Neither disagree nor agree 14.5 Somewhat agree 26.9 Strongly… Continue reading Survey says…