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Not the fatherhood your mother knew

By Rhia Perkins

Just in time for Father’s Day, the University of Calgary will host Fatherhood: Past, Present and Future, the Men’s Conference Association of Calgary’s 2001 event. The conference, taking place June 15-16, allows all Calgarians–not just fathers–to explore the role of fatherhood. "In society, we’ve focussed a great deal on the mother and child relationship, and… Continue reading Not the fatherhood your mother knew

Problems on the home front

By Rhia Perkins

The release of the University of Calgary 2001-2002 Fall/Winter Timetable left International Relations students scrambling to reshuffle summer jobs, internships and graduation plans in order to fulfill program requirements due to a shortage of courses offered at the senior level. Mike Willmott, executive member of the International Relations Students’ Association, noted the main deficit is… Continue reading Problems on the home front

Me fail English? That’s unpossible

By Rhia Perkins

More than two billion people in the world speak English. It is an official language in more than 75 countries. Three-quarters of the world’s population writes its mail in English, and 80 per cent of electronically stored information worldwide is in English. Speakers of English as a first language number 375 million, and those who… Continue reading Me fail English? That’s unpossible

Kiss them, they’re the Irish Descendents

By Rhia Perkins

Can you claim Irish descendents? Or, would you rather see the band? The second option is available Friday when the Irish Descendents play MacEwan Hall Ballroom. In the middle of a six-week national tour to promote their first album in three years, Blooming Bright Star, the Celtic band brings their music to land-locked cowboys here… Continue reading Kiss them, they’re the Irish Descendents

The sound of silent cells

By Rhia Perkins

I’ve finally succumbed, swallowed my pride, dropped my principles and joined the masses. That’s right, I bought a cell phone.For the longest time, I held out, disparaging the constantly-in-touch who have the spooky habit of appearing to be talking to themselves in public places.Cell phone users, on the whole, have appalling manners. In theatres, lectures,… Continue reading The sound of silent cells

Humanities students dangerous

By Harry Vandervlist

In an excellent article two weeks ago Rhia Perkins asked: are there funding disparities between the arts and humanities faculties and the others? She found that yes, fewer government and corporate dollars find their way to the faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities and Communication and Culture. Some hypotheses were offered about why this might be.Here’s… Continue reading Humanities students dangerous

Frustrated law student fights test centre

By Rhia Perkins

A University of Calgary Law student is considering legal action against an LSAT preparation company she claims failed to pay her. Erika Ringseis claims the International Test Pre-paration Centre, which provides preparation for LSAT’s, GRE’s and other standardized exams, did not pay her for teaching and private tutoring, citing a breach of contract. ITPC General… Continue reading Frustrated law student fights test centre

Are Arts and Humanities underfunded at the University of Calgary?

By Rhia Perkins

Classrooms packed to the gills, lecture sections filled before you even get a chance to register, overworked professors staring at endless seas of faces and wondering if a better teaching experience is to be found elsewhere–all are signs of an underfunded education system. While this trend is clear throughout the University of Calgary, nowhere is… Continue reading Are Arts and Humanities underfunded at the University of Calgary?

Big business bites consumer choice

By Rhia Perkins

It seems these days everything is headed by big corporations who have, to lesser or greater degrees, effective monopolies over consumers. From close-to-home examples like the takeover of McQ’s by the Students’ Union or the Pepsi exclusivity deal, to the ubiquitous presence of Microsoft in the computing world, the day of the small businessman and… Continue reading Big business bites consumer choice