Transgenders and transsexuals have rights too

By Remi Watts

The plethora of possibilities that comprise gender identity and gender expression — and the recognition and acceptance of sensitivities of such a spectrum — is critical in shaping Canada as a progressive, positive and nurturing nation. In accord with such notions, it is intuitive that Canadians with alternative or non-traditional gender expressions or identities —… Continue reading Transgenders and transsexuals have rights too

Into Eternity raises questions for the ages

By Andy Williams

No one has ever argued that the use of nuclear power is risk free, but the focus has long been on preventing disasters directly related to active power plants. Meltdowns and fires are the focus of safety efforts as they can have disastrous consequences, as demonstrated by the Chernobyl disaster. Over time, through diligence and… Continue reading Into Eternity raises questions for the ages

The Seeds have been

By Andy Williams

This is a big week for Newfoundland’s sweethearts Hey Rosetta! Their third full-length album dropped on Feb. 15 and its release has already set off a new wave of comments about the band’s similarity to Canadian juggernaut’s The Arcade Fire. While always a compliment, it’s quite daunting for the Newfoundlanders to be compared to the… Continue reading The Seeds have been

Plenty to Lear at

By Alicia Ward

While the rest of the University of Calgary looks forwards, the Drama Department is often focused on the past. This year alone, the Drama Department will show two main stage plays that debuted long before they graced the University Theatre’s stage — one of which is the upcoming production of King Lear. The director of… Continue reading Plenty to Lear at