Spun: Good Lovelies

By Ken Clarke

Although this aptly-named female trio from Ontario has only been around since 2006, it sounds like they’ve been singing together for about 60 years. The Good Lovelies are reminiscent of girl groups of the 1940s and ’50s like the Andrew Sisters, and they wear it well.

Let The Rain Fall is the third full-length offering from these gals, who continue the trend of their exceptional three-part vocal harmonies and interesting instrument switching. While each of the Lovelies would make a respectable lead singer in her own right, they are simply infectious when harmonizing. The majority of the tunes are happy-go-lucky, upbeat ditties that induce finger snapping and toe tapping.

Their approach is an optimistic hybrid of folk and roots with sprinklings of jazz and country blues. “Kiss Me In The Kitchen” is a swinging, good-natured tune complete with collective whistles and Chet Atkins-style guitar. “Best I Know” comes from a different angle with introspective musings and a softer approach.

All 13 tracks save one were written by the Juno winning Lovelies. If there’s ever to be a nuclear holocaust, Good Lovelies are certain to smile and sing their way through to the very end.

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