Bears dominate men’s basketballsaurs

Good thing basketball is not a fashion show because last weekend was not pretty for the Dinos. On Friday, the men were handed a 94–51 beating by the University of Alberta Golden Bears. Saturday was not as brutal, with a 78–68 loss, as the Dinos seemed to regain some of their prowess that we know and love them for (if just being our varsity team is not enough.)

Friday night helped the Dinos realize the reality of their situation- their post-season may take place on the bleachers unless they win a huge portion of their next few games, as they are tied with the University of Fraser Valley Cascades for the fi nal playoff position.

The game was in the proverbial bag for the Bears early on in the game as the halft ime score was 48– 22. Leading the Dinos on Friday was the ever-talented and hardworking Tyler Fidler who netted 14 points and pulled down seven rebounds.

Saturday proved to be much kinder to the dynamic Dinos. Led by Fidler and Keenan Milburn both with 14 points each, the men started the game with a quick lead which unfortunately did not last.

Falling 37–34 at half-time, despite a 2–3 zone and pressure, the Bears would gain and hold on to a 10 point

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