Space ships will eat your children

Real-time strategy in future space is a tired concept. Remember Starcraft? Total Annihilation? Or more recently, Star Wars: Empire At War? The long list of genre standards goes on, and consequently it’s important for developers hoping to carve a niche for themselves in the RTS market to avoid falling into cliches. Dreamcatcher Games, a PC-game… Continue reading Space ships will eat your children

Shooting your friends

Whether it’s a dust-up over the last Cheetoe in the bag or making eyes at your fourteen year old sister, everyone has wanted to shoot their friends with a manner of different assault weapons. While EA Games’ Battlefield series of on-line blast-a-thons certainly weren’t the first games to let you exact this fantasy, they’ve been… Continue reading Shooting your friends

Painkiller soothes no one

Shooting a demon in the face with a double-barreled shotgun once evoked a wonder misplaced amongst the post-Christmas tangle of wrapping paper and tinsel. The thrill of the wind as your bike escapes the shackles of training wheels. The moment before abbreviating the flaming dots on a birthday cake. What sad times we live in… Continue reading Painkiller soothes no one