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Music Interview: Christine Fellows’ feline inspiration

By Emily Senger

When Christine Fellows performs at the Calgary Folk Festival this weekend, she’ll have to leave an integral part of her band at home, her cat, Slap. Listen attentively to Fellows’ new album Paper Anniversary as Slap’s purring–or throat singing as it is credited–provides background accompaniment to the track “Instructions on How to Dissect a Ground… Continue reading Music Interview: Christine Fellows’ feline inspiration

Michael Jackson

By Chris Tait

The reception for Michael Jackson’s second posthumous album Xscape has been mixed. Some feel MJ would approve, while others, like Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, call it “bullshit.” Releasing posthumous work is tricky. It’s great to hear new music from a deceased musician, but it’s never entirely their music. Xscape features unfinished songs recorded between… Continue reading Michael Jackson

A rose by any other name

By Chris Tait

At first glance, Danielle Smith’s recent appearance at the University of Calgary to discuss the prospects of post-secondary education seemed promising. But after a closer look at the language of her speech and the policy booklet handed out, the reality begins to set in. Though Smith and the Wildrose Party promised the world to students,… Continue reading A rose by any other name

The future looks grim

By Chris Tait

The dust has settled, the plants can see the light again, though they’re scarcely better off for it. Certainty has died, leaving only the disquiet of the future. Despite the constant criticism of being a damn dirty economist, current features editor Jon Roe Sports Editor has pulled himself up by his bootstraps to overthrow the… Continue reading The future looks grim

Letter: Not so fast, scallywag!

By Sergey Petrov

Editor, the Gauntlet, Chris Tait’s article (“Canada Needs to Recognize Kosovo,” Feb. 28 Gauntlet) presents a very limited view on the problem of the possible separation of that Serbian province. Firstly, the author tries to convince us that the United Nations takes care of Kosovo, helping the break-away province “to establish acceptable level of security,”… Continue reading Letter: Not so fast, scallywag!

Editorial: Canada needs to recognize Kosovo

By Chris Tait

On Feb. 17, Kosovo declared itself an independent nation from Serbia. Some countries, especially those with possible separatist segments of their population, have needlessly gotten themselves worked up over recognizing the newly formed country. Nor should separatist regions in the west be encouraged by Kosovo’s declared independence, as their individual situations are distinct almost beyond… Continue reading Editorial: Canada needs to recognize Kosovo

Editorial: Video misses mark

By Chris Tait

Last month, an intro to cultural anthropology class at Kansas State University posted a video on YouTube about a student survey they collectively built. The claim made by whoever posted the video was that it provided a glimpse at “the most important characteristics of students today.” Instead, what we get is a jumbled collection of… Continue reading Editorial: Video misses mark