Jennings hired to coach team Great Britain

By Taylor McKee

On March 25, the University of Calgary women’s basketball head coach Damian Jennings was named head coach of Great Britain’s national women’s team for the 2013 Eurobasket tournament in France from June 15–30. 
 Jennings had just been named Canada West coach of the year in his first season with the Dinos, leading the team… Continue reading Jennings hired to coach team Great Britain

Rebuilding the Flames: the time is now

By Alex Hamilton

Entering the lockout-shortened NHL season, it was difficult to tell whether the compressed schedule would help or hurt the Calgary Flames. Some argued that the 48-game scramble increased the team’s chances of getting in the playoffs through sheer luck. 
 Others argued that the Flames had failed to improve in the off-season. Halfway through a… Continue reading Rebuilding the Flames: the time is now

Tempered expectations

By Justin Azevedo

While the Calgary Flames have plenty of quality prospects in North America, their most intriguing prospects reside on the other side of the pond. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Flames have a lot of NHL-ready talent outside the continent — or even that they have high-level developmental talent — but they do have three… Continue reading Tempered expectations

Everyone’s space innovations are cooler than ours

By Sean Sullivan

As news of upcoming space ventures and innovations floods in from other countries, Canada has finally reassessed the future of its space program. The gap between Canada’s space program and other countries’ provides a sobering look at Canadian space innovation. If the Canadian government approves more funding, Canada could look past its resource-based economy and… Continue reading Everyone’s space innovations are cooler than ours

We need feminism, not ‘the D’

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

At a party last August in Steubenville, Ohio, two football players, Ma’lik Richmond, 16, and Trent Mays, 17, raped a 16-year-old girl, while bystanders watched. They texted photos and descriptions of the act to their friends. The two boys have now been found guilty of rape in juvenile court and have been sentenced to at… Continue reading We need feminism, not ‘the D’

White male authorities to determine what we can do

By Sarah Dorchak

The U.S. Supreme Court has been deliberating a
Californian case regarding gay marriage. The court must determine whether or not to allow gay marriage in California.
 “It’s about time someone made a decision on this,” said traditional marriage supporter Norman Greigson. “I’m tired about hearing deliberation on this. Finally someone can tell me if what I… Continue reading White male authorities to determine what we can do

Spun: Pigeon Hole

By Justin Azevedo

Vancouver MCs Dusty Melo and Marmalade, who are best known as members of the band Sweatshop Union, began their own hip-hop group in 2010. Called Pigeon Hole, this group’s debut album, Age Like Astronauts, was a difficult to classify cavalcade of experimental sound.
 Pigeon Hole’s second album, Chimp Blood, is similarly intriguing. Sweatshop Union generally… Continue reading Spun: Pigeon Hole