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Rebuilding the Flames: the time is now

By Alex Hamilton

Entering the lockout-shortened NHL season, it was difficult to tell whether the compressed schedule would help or hurt the Calgary Flames. Some argued that the 48-game scramble increased the team’s chances of getting in the playoffs through sheer luck. 
 Others argued that the Flames had failed to improve in the off-season. Halfway through a… Continue reading Rebuilding the Flames: the time is now

Past its prime

By Alex Hamilton

McMahon Stadium is the least impressive of Calgary’s major entertainment venues. Although the over 50-year-old stadium has hosted a variety of marquee events — from the 1988 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies to the NHL Heritage Classic last year — it clearly shows its age. Cities across Canada are upgrading or replacing their football venues… Continue reading Past its prime

The greatest of all Olympic follies

By Alex Hamilton

This message has been prevalent during the London 2012 Olympic Games: Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympic athlete of all time and has the hardware to prove it. Countless articles have been written to this effect in the aftermath of the American swimmer’s record-breaking 22 medals. However, the certainty surrounding Phelps’s coronation is fading. Many… Continue reading The greatest of all Olympic follies

The boys of summer return

By Curtis Wolff

With the NHL season only halfway through and winter weather taking a courageous last stand in Canada, it seems a little early to be thinking about baseball. However, in the southern United States the boys of summer are already warming up. With the Major League Baseball’s opening night slated for March 31, it’s time to… Continue reading The boys of summer return

Woodpigeon soars around the world

By Jordyn Marcellus

In the Calgary music community, you can’t throw a rock at a concert without hitting someone who knows someone in the band Woodpigeon. The eight-member group, lead by local music journalist and general man-in-the-know Mark Hamilton, has begun to break out of Calgary and gain some international notoriety. With a new album on the horizon… Continue reading Woodpigeon soars around the world