The greatest of all Olympic follies

This message has been prevalent during the London 2012 Olympic Games: Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympic athlete of all time and has the hardware to prove it. Countless articles have been written to this effect in the aftermath of the American swimmer’s record-breaking 22 medals. However, the certainty surrounding Phelps’s coronation is fading. Many… Continue reading The greatest of all Olympic follies

Trials and tribulations of Olympic glory

For most track and field athletes, fame and fortune isn’t a likely outcome. Even for the ones who achieve relative success — placing well in international competitions, qualifying for the Olympics — sponsorships are likely to cover equipment costs and some travel expenses, but that’s it. Compared to the Stanley Cup or the Superbowl, making… Continue reading Trials and tribulations of Olympic glory

A patriotic awakening

These past Olympics, something happened to my sense of identity. Pundits are touting this as a great awakening of patriotic pride for Canadians. Hate to prove a cliche right, but I couldn’t agree more. Initially, I was afraid to cheer because companies seem to have overrun the Games themselves — tacking their name to every… Continue reading A patriotic awakening

Goyette feels Olympic excitement, talks of pressure of the maple leaf

Danielle Goyette wishes she could be in Vancouver for the start of the Olympics. That’s probably a natural reaction for any former Olympic athlete, considering how rare the opportunity to compete in front of home fans on the highest and brightest stage in the world is. “Its getting closer to the opening ceremony,” says the… Continue reading Goyette feels Olympic excitement, talks of pressure of the maple leaf


There are certain words that get a new lease on life when the Olympic Games roll around. Words like "sacrifice," "passion," "commitment" and "vision" are normally meaningless, dusty and tired words, used in earnestness but with little real conviction.Things change when one is faced with someone like Paula McKenzie. Her sheer ebullience provides a new… Continue reading FAREWELL AND GOOD LUCK