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Re-thinking the green car

By Rinaldi Gulinao

Imagine an era sometime in the future where modified cars, home-built rides and highly personalized one-off buggies roam around a world where competition for increasingly scarce resources takes centre stage. For most people, the image usually evoked by this thought experiment tends to be of a harsh, dystopian, perhaps even post-apocalyptic scenario. In fact, if… Continue reading Re-thinking the green car

A patriotic awakening

By Rinaldi Gulinao

These past Olympics, something happened to my sense of identity. Pundits are touting this as a great awakening of patriotic pride for Canadians. Hate to prove a cliche right, but I couldn’t agree more. Initially, I was afraid to cheer because companies seem to have overrun the Games themselves — tacking their name to every… Continue reading A patriotic awakening

Five rings of globalism and greed

By Rinaldi Gulinao

When the Olympic cauldron is lit this Friday in Vancouver, not everyone will be celebrating the flame as a symbol of human spirit, knowledge and life. For some, the modern Olympics are an over-bloated and over-commercialized affront to the ancient games. Nowadays, they argue, the human story of sacrifice in pursuit of triumph and perfection… Continue reading Five rings of globalism and greed

Coca colonization or global adaptation?

By Rinaldi Gulinao

Starbucks and the other multinationals are contaminating the cultures of the world!” said the short message. “This is Coca Colonization, globalization and corporate imperialism! How can you travel just to go to another Starbucks?” It is rare that I get comments and personal messages on my online photo album. And when I do it’s usually… Continue reading Coca colonization or global adaptation?

Letter: One con…

By Rinaldi Gulinao

Editor, the Gauntlet, Tristan Taylor’s article [“Canada as a get out of jail free card,” April 9] makes the false assertion that Mohammed Kohail is of a split Canadian-Saudi Citizenship. From all the facts that I could gather, Kohail, although once a resident of Saudi Arabia, is of Palestinian origin. Saudi Arabia’s naturalization process is… Continue reading Letter: One con…

Letter: Editor, the Gauntlet: electricity rules

By Roger L. Gagne

Editor, the Gauntlet, This article [“‘Good’ advertising gone wrong,” Rinaldi Gulinao, Feb. 5] highlights a conundrum faced by most utility companies in North America: they are aware of the external social and environmental costs of generating electricity, yet how are they to tell customers to buy less of their product? And what incentive is there… Continue reading Letter: Editor, the Gauntlet: electricity rules

‘Good’ advertising gone wrong

By Rinaldi Gulinao

Ads that promote corporate social responsibility by encouraging consumers to use less of a company’s core product could very well be having the opposite effect. A study conducted in part by University of Calgary associate professor and consumer behaviour researcher Dr. Katherine White looked at an emerging trend among companies. “We noticed that some companies… Continue reading ‘Good’ advertising gone wrong