By Sarah Radomsky

Every once in a while, a disc comes along that cannot be removed from the CD player. Sunnypsyop, the second constructive collaboration of former Skinny Puppy front man Nivek Ogre and Ruby’s Mark Walk, is that album. Not a variation of an old sound, all moody soundscapes and atmospheres of Welt are traded in for… Continue reading OhGr


By CH Smith

“Interesting,” I thought when I saw this disc on the editor’s desk. “An album by Steve Buscemi.” Upon closer inspection I realized I was mistaken–mistaken, but definitely not disappointed. Buscemi, the pseudonym for Belgian producer/musician Dirk Swartenborekx (no wonder he decided on a stage name), was chosen out of Swartenborekx’s deep respect for the actor… Continue reading Buscemi

The Sounds

By Peter Hemminger

Question: Do we really need another Blondie? Answer: Did we really need the first? Better Question: Isn’t Blondie really just the obvious comparison, and by mentioning them aren’t you taking the easy way out? Answer: Yes, but if I stretched for a "Hives meet Ace of Base in a New York garage" analogy, it’d still… Continue reading The Sounds

Less Than Jake

By Josh LaVoie

It’s been quite a while since I considered stopping a CD just so I could finish a review. Finding yourself daydreaming about a beach-front ska show in California as you find yourself singing along every 30 to 45 seconds gets downright annoying. Less Than Jake’s Anthem is one of the fruits of 10 years of… Continue reading Less Than Jake

Read me

By Thomas Carrozzier

Movies That Matter seems to have become quite successful judging by last Wednesday’s turn-out for the double feature of Human Weapon and My Terrorist. The reason for such a level of participation may well be that terrorism is a current issue, but perhaps there is more. Perhaps people are beginning to appreciate non-fiction films because… Continue reading Read me

Legally Blonde 2

By Donna Smith

As someone who believes that Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman are among the best movies of all time, I’ll admit that I was looking forward to watching Legally Blonde 2. A night out with one of the girls for a few laughs and popcorn sounded pretty good and it was obvious from the start that… Continue reading Legally Blonde 2