“Interesting,” I thought when I saw this disc on the editor’s desk. “An album by Steve Buscemi.” Upon closer inspection I realized I was mistaken–mistaken, but definitely not disappointed.

Buscemi, the pseudonym for Belgian producer/musician Dirk Swartenborekx (no wonder he decided on a stage name), was chosen out of Swartenborekx’s deep respect for the actor Steve Buscemi, but the relationship extends no further.

Camino Real is Buscemi’s third album of "Nu bossa, Nu lounge, House, Brazilian grooves, Afrobeat and even Drum ‘n Bass" music. It is an excellent album which surprisingly fits each of these categories at various points. I greatly enjoyed the tracks with vocalist Isabelle Antena, Obrigado! and Seaside, as well as the standout single, "The World Around" featuring Michael Franti.

This is basically a great sounding album for anyone that remotely enjoys House or World music and possibly also for fans of Reservoir Dogs.

Note: Camino Real is also presently in the running for my first annual album cover of the year award. Who is this woman? Why is she looking at me like that?

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