Movie Review: Don’t listen to The Chorus of hype

In the past few years, the North American market has worked up quite the appetite for foreign language films. Many of these, with their critical and commercial success, received prestigious film awards. Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful won the Oscar for Best Actor, a first ever for a non-English speaking role. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,… Continue reading Movie Review: Don’t listen to The Chorus of hype

Hail to the King, baby

What a drag getting old is. Mick Jagger said it almost 40 years ago, and though the fates have been kinder to him than most, there’s a dread that comes with aging. Spending a life alone save for a few awkward medical treatments, never visited by the grown children who are simply too busy to… Continue reading Hail to the King, baby

Sex, drugs and horror

If you had super powers, what power would you want to have? Would you want to fly, looking down the shirts of thousands of women? Would you want to be invisible to sneak into the women’s locker rooms? How about being able to give an orgasm to anyone with a simple touch of your finger… Continue reading Sex, drugs and horror

We’re with stupid

We aren’t the brightest sack of hammers in the bunch. In fact, we’re not even clever enough to understand what stupidity is. That’s the premise of Stupidity, a film that amounts to a giant “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt pointing straight at North American culture. It’s a documentary that manages to be informative and thoughtful while… Continue reading We’re with stupid

Santa vs. the Snowman

Hot chocolate squirt guns, an army of snowmen and mistletoe missiles are probably not the first things that come to mind when one thinks of a heart-warming Christmas tale. And yet, Santa vs. the Snowman manages to transcend the traditional cute family film genre by incorporating more mature, entertaining material and radiant imagery.Santa vs. the… Continue reading Santa vs. the Snowman

Hugh Grant? Romance? Whaa?

After writing Four Weddings and a Funeral, Black Adder, Mr. Bean and Bridget Jones’ Diary, acid-penned Brit auteur Richard Curtis would seemingly have nowhere left to go. After all, yet another romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant (this would make four in a row) might wear a little thin on some members of the audience. But… Continue reading Hugh Grant? Romance? Whaa?