Movie Review: No rub, just the Hitch

If you are part of the majority of guys out there who have found the perfect woman, but she just doesn’t know you’re alive, you need the services of Hitch. And we’re not just talking about Will Smith’s character in the movie. It’s the whole cast, especially Kevin James and Will Smith, who make this routine romantic comedy work.

Will Smith is Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, New York’s best known “date doctor”. Albert Brennaman (Kevin James) is one of those aforementioned guys trying to woo the perfect woman. He’s found the woman of his dreams and wants her to notice him, but doesn’t know how to go about getting her attention. So, Albert hires Hitch to be his consultant on all matters pertaining to love in order to win his dream woman over.

Hitch shows Albert how to make a larger than life impression in front of the woman he pines for in what ends up being one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie. Albert is an accountant for a large firm with Allegra Cole (former model Amber Valleta) as a client. When Allegra tells the board (which Albert sits on) she wants to invest in a fashion business of a friend the board denies her. This is where Albert gets noticed. Albert tells his boss and the rest of the board that an intelligent woman such as Allegra should be able to invest her own money like an adult. The plan works and wins the girl over.

Hitch on the other hand can’t seem to make his own advice work for him when falling for the beautiful tabloid gossip columnist Sara Melas (Eva Mendes). Everything goes according to plan, at first, until Sara figures out Hitch is the legendary date doctor of New York City. Disgusted, but still having feelings for Hitch, Sara is in for the largest dilemmas of her life–Go with her feelings and hear him out or expose the “date doctor” for the biggest story of her career?

In the end, good dance moves, being well dressed and the first kiss are not as important as the good doctor prescribes them to be. Hitch leaves us with the same old message of “be yourself” that many romantic comedies fall into. In this case, it works. Will Smith and Kevin James pull it off, showing audiences that getting noticed is only half the battle. Hitch is well worth the consulting fee to get pros like these to show you the ropes in this game of love.

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