No cable for you

By Natalie Sit

Usually the Berenstein Bears don’t show up on NUTV’s Closed Circuit. But due to Com/Media installing new amplifiers, channel 17’s signal was no longer blocked, replacing NUTV’s programming with Treehouse shows briefly July 29.

Com/Media technician Don Campbell expects to see NUTV interrupted once more, along with cable interruptions in University of Calgary residences starting this week.

"We’re installing 18 new amplifiers for the cable system," said Campbell. "This is the first major upgrade since 1988. This will provide coverage to channels above 80. Residence can’t receive the French, ethnic and German channels."

Also benefiting are the language labs that wanted channels with French, German and Middle Eastern language programming.

While NUTV was not notified, NUTV Closed Circuit Coordinator Jon Joffe does not have a problem with that, citing Com/Media’s help with setting up the closed circuit network.

"August is the month to do it. Better now than later," said Joffe.

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