The lonesome summer blues

In the summer, the U of C’s sports scene is like a Yukon shanty town after the gold rush–deserted, lonely and boring. I’d like to write about interesting things but time and time again I find myself looking for that golden nugget and coming up just short.

Potential sports writers and student athletes please understand I’m vulnerable and needy. Whatever crazy idea you have been cooking up will most likely be devoured like gruel in the Gulag Archipelago. So let this be an informal plea for volunteers and Dinos-related goings on.

This week was a gong show. I dropped the metaphorical ball if you will. A couple of stories came my way–neither one relating to the Dinos–but nothing was written. Perhaps now would be a good time to give them honourable mention.

Three athletes who train at the Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre have been selected to compete in the 2003 Junior Track World Championships in Moscow, Russia. Their names are Phillipe Abbott, Spencer Atkinson, and Mark MacDonald. Maybe someday they will be students here as well.

In more obscure news, The Diversity Cup–a soccer tournament for 12 to 29 year olds–was held at Forest Lawn High School on July 26 and 27. The event was opened with a speech by NBA stars Hakeem Olajuwan and Mamadou N’diaye, which is cool, and promoted diversity, which is good.

Well there you have it. Most of my section summed up in two paragraphs. If it wasn’t for my nagging guilt (read: editor), there wouldn’t have been a section at all.

So please, make your presence felt. Stop by MSC 319 on Wednesday night for free pizza or drop me a line by email–you will not be turned away.

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