Spun: Jurassic 5

While there’s actually six members in the crew, Jurassic 5 is living proof making a good rap album has almost no correlation to math skills. Debuting in 1998, J5 hit the hip-hop scene with sweeping melodies, deep lyrics and soulful delivery that had them compared with artists such as Mos Def, the Pharcyde and Blackalicious.

Following up the hugely successful Power in Numbers, Feedback has been awaited with bated breath by J5 fans for nearly three years. While it’s still recognizably a Jurassic 5 album, Feedback is leaning more in the direction of 2000’s Quality Control, with it’s greater emphasis on soft melodies and soul-inspired lyrics than Power in Numbers’ catchy hooks and hard-edged grime sound. While fans of the hard style might be disappointed, the step back in a somber direction doesn’t make it inferior to the crew’s previous work.

Tracks like “Future Sound” and “Baby Please” lend the album its energy, though the slow, even songs like “Work it out” (featuring Dave Matthews Band) and “In the House,” carry through to a satisfying finish. With 15 strong tracks and no real low spots, Feedback is an infinitude of competent rap stylings, even without any prime numbers.

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