Against BSD Bermuda Shorts Day: a celebration for the masses? More like a celebration for deluded, post-teen, first-year partiers — those who would rather drink their calories than eat them. For those who have never experienced BSD, consider yourself lucky. Imagine 10,000 rambunctious students partying in one area. Imagine a quarter of those people throwing… Continue reading BSD! BSD! BSD! BSD!

On a hope for a prayer

There’s so little prayer space on campus that Muslim men have to pray beside a bathroom. The situation has been this way since I first came to the University of Calgary two years ago in 2012, and probably since the rooms opened in 2006. MacHall has two prayer rooms tucked away on the third floor,… Continue reading On a hope for a prayer

You win, you selfish bastards

During this year’s Students’ Union election, the student population voted down the MacHall redevelopment referendum and the CJSW levy increase. That’s fine. Nobody is mad. But we should really take this opportunity to re-examine how funds are distributed throughout the school, and assess where to trim the fat from nonessential services. Let’s start with washrooms.… Continue reading You win, you selfish bastards

Watch the damned athletes

The International Olympic Charter states that “the practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind.” The Olympics is a time for community and competition that should be offered to everyone regardless of their nationality, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. It is… Continue reading Watch the damned athletes

Do not press X for sex

With Sex and Gender Wellness Week on top of us, we should re-examine ourselves as sexual beings. If you are single or if your partner has a case of the flu that has been going around, don’t rule yourself out as a participant of sex week. Sexuality should not be restricted to copulation between two… Continue reading Do not press X for sex