Soccersaurs bucked by Pronghorns

By Bogle and Selnes

Although the sun was shining as the players took to the pitch, a black cloud of darkness soon descended upon the lady Dinos and their previously undefeated season. This cloud took the shape of a Pronghorn, as the ladies from the University of Lethbridge proved to be the spoilers, taking the match 1-0 over the Dinos Sun., Sept. 25.

With the return of Taryn Swiatek, the Dinos’ star goalie, the faithful Dino fans had high hopes that this season’s success would continue as the players strolled onto the field. Unfortunately, even a player with Swiatek’s skill and grace was unable to stop a blast from the ‘Horns’ Angie Jackson. She received a free kick just outside the box 37 minutes into the game and drove a strong, low shot that was simply too much to handle.

In the end, it didn’t seem to matter that the Dinos clearly dominated the game–the magic spirit possessed by the ‘Horns once again came to haunt our mighty Dinos. In the mostly defensive game, that shot proved to be the winner–and the unfortunate end to an undefeated season.

Somehow, the ‘Horns have been victorious in each of the last three regular season games between the teams–even when out-played and out-matched. The only logical conclusion is that there must be some black magic brewing in Lethbridge, constantly hexing our soccer stars.

With the win, the Pronghorns are now on par with the Dinos, tied in third place in the Canada West conference. The Dinos host both the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds and Trinity Western University Spartans Oct. 1-2. They will be pushed to their limits against these two powerful western opponents. Both intense games take place at noon.

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