Collaborative art so cool

One hundred blank journals, each cover designed by a local artist, each journal numbered, catalogued, put out into the community. Welcome to the City of Calgary’s 100 Journals Project. “We invite people to contribute their stories, their drawings, writing, poetry, whatever they want and then pass them on in this collaborate art form,” says City… Continue reading Collaborative art so cool

Painting: Thick and Thin examines Calgary’s art culture

High school reunions are often a disappointment. University reunions can be an excuse for the alumni organization to fleece donations. A reunion of Alberta College of Art and Design graduates, however, defied convention, producing an exhibition at the Glenbow Museum. Eight artists, either born in Calgary or transported here to study at ACAD, gathered their… Continue reading Painting: Thick and Thin examines Calgary’s art culture

Sitting in the dark

Since the dawn of modern broadcasting in the 1950s, television has provided the earnest viewer with countless reasons to put off studying, parenting and feeding pets. However, merely turning on the idiot box doesn’t guarantee entertainment as each fall the networks always unleash as much maggot-ridden crap upon the world as they do anything worthwhile.… Continue reading Sitting in the dark

Art Review: Ascension ascends to great art

Mystical, ethereal, dreamscape and serene all come to mind when viewing Marcia Harris’s most recent works, an exhibit collectively entitled Ascension. The content and theme of the paintings have the ability to transport viewers into foreign worlds retaining some semblance of the familiar at the same time. A timeless essence is reflected in the work,… Continue reading Art Review: Ascension ascends to great art

Art Preview: Naked people! No seriously, naked people!

Imagine a utopia. A place so perfect people never go hungry, always have a safe place to call home and are protected by an honest government. In this place, artistic ideas flow openly and citizens are free to write, watch and listen to whatever they please. Sound something like Narnia? Even after serving two years… Continue reading Art Preview: Naked people! No seriously, naked people!

Art Preview: The new Newspaper

‘”A lot of what I bring to this project straddles the line between art and writing,” says Beaulieu. “It offers a bridge between literary and visual art.”The Newspaper is a series of 124 paintings inspired by a single issue of the Calgary Herald. The acrylic paintings were done on sheets of 26′ by 14′ paper,… Continue reading Art Preview: The new Newspaper

Art Preview: A poster named Sue

The invention of the poster dates back to the 15th century, where it introduced a new method of providing news, government proclamations and other information to the public. As time progressed, they were used to advertise events, like productions of Shakespeare plays. Soon they became an essential tool of advertisers, protestors and propagandists. In the… Continue reading Art Preview: A poster named Sue