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PC leadership hopeful Ric McIver talks about his bid for the Premiership with the Gauntlet

By Chris Adams

Three provincial politicians have battled for the Progressive Conservative leadership since Allison Redford resigned as Premier this spring. The Gauntlet first interviewed candidates Jim Prentice and Thomas Lukaszuk. We finish our candidate Q&A series with leadership candidate Ric McIver. As Calgary-Hays MLA, McIver has served as minister of transportation and minister of infrastructure since assuming… Continue reading PC leadership hopeful Ric McIver talks about his bid for the Premiership with the Gauntlet

Gauntlet Q & A: David Suzuki

By Tobias Ma

During a speaking event at last week’s Conservative convention in downtown Calgary, the Gauntlet managed to spot David Suzuki waiting for a book signing. We took the opportunity for a brief but bizarre interview before his speech that ended somewhat heatedly as Suzuki apparently felt cut off throughout. David Suzuki: Give me a [fist] bump.… Continue reading Gauntlet Q & A: David Suzuki

Gauntlet Vault: U of C Liberals via 1958

This picture of Nick Taylor and Gordon Reid from the Alberta chapter of the Young Liberals was taken at the Calgary Stampede in 1958. At that time, the Young Liberals were hard at work trying to get Canada its own flag.

Gauntlet Q&A: Dr. Raj Sherman

After becoming the Alberta Liberal Party leader in 2011, Raj Sherman inherited quite a mess. Sherman, an emergency room doctor and former Progressive Conservative MLA, was kicked out of the PCs in 2010 after criticizing health care wait times. He then moved on to the Alberta Liberals, a party with over $1 million in debt… Continue reading Gauntlet Q&A: Dr. Raj Sherman

Gauntlet Q&A: Sarwat Nafei

By Reem Ghaleb

Egypt has endured political conflict since the Arab Spring protests in late 2010. A revolution in early 2011 ended Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year regime, leading to elections with Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood winning the vote. However, a year after coming to power, a coup ousted Morsi and placed civilian and jurist Adly Mansour as… Continue reading Gauntlet Q&A: Sarwat Nafei