Spun: Pet Shop Boys

By Hoang-Mai Hong

The Pet Shop Boys have been making clever pop albums that balance searing wit with fey, Euro-trash dance music sensibilities for nearly 25 years without a misstep. Thankfully, they continue that trend with their latest LP, Yes, which holds to the tried and true Pet Shop Boys tropes — fashion, style, wealth and love.

“Love Etc.,” the extremely catchy lead single, captures nearly all of those themes in a piece of heartily decked out pop confection. It simultaneously takes a stab at the excesses of the seemingly rich ­– all the more mordant in these times — while offering some sticky sweet house beats that those same Richie Riches can ironically bob their heads to, while waiting for their convertibles to be repossessed.

After “Love Etc.,” the quality of the album slips, but still remains very strong. “All Over the World” takes a sample from Tchaikovsky and bathes it in synthesized grandeur, while “Pandemonium” and “Did You See Me Coming?” are good reminders that, though the Boys are now in their 50s, they sure can tap into some fresh-sounding pop.

Closing track “Legacy” is the only real low point. It starts out well, but at over six minutes long, turns into a real slog. Other than that, the Pet Shop Boys offer up another excellent, well built album that you can find yourself voguing not-so-brainlessly to.

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