Attack of the elderly

In the face of danger, it is comforting to imagine our crime fighters as fearless and invincible. However, such ideas place our minds in a state of false security as law enforcers fail to be the heroes we expect them to be. In May 2008, 82-year-old Frank Lasser was tasered while in the Royal Inland… Continue reading Attack of the elderly

Alberta: name that slogan!

The Alberta Advantage, a slogan that once cast Alberta as an attractive province to live, accentuating its “low taxes, no debt and other fiscal milestones,” is apparently due for a makeover. The slogan defined Alberta for 15 years, but Roxanna Benoit, executive director of Alberta’s public affairs bureau, believes that a new slogan portraying an… Continue reading Alberta: name that slogan!

Rap is crap — or is that just T.I.’s new show?

The countdown begins for Clifford Harris as he casts his final 45 days in front of the camera in “T.I.’s Road to Redemption.” Awaiting his final day of reckoning, one that could land him in jail for up to 30 years, rapper T.I. attempts to steer seven young hustlers off their prison-bound path and out… Continue reading Rap is crap — or is that just T.I.’s new show?

Online university life: accept or decline?

With next year’s rising tuition plaguing the wallets of University of Calgary students, the idea of a tuitionless university seems only a far off dream. However, an ambitious entrepreneur from Israel intends to make this dream a reality in the coming future. University of the People, he imagines, will become the first global, tuition-free university,… Continue reading Online university life: accept or decline?

øNo hablas Ingles? No assistance, no luck!

With the recent inauguration of Barack Obama lifting the spirits of Americans, minorities have high hopes for diminishing discrimination in the United States. Beyond appearances, language barriers remain a sensitive issue as governments balance the battle against discrimination with properly accommodating immigrants in their country. Currently, the U.S. has not declared an official language at… Continue reading øNo hablas Ingles? No assistance, no luck!