The Crown

By Sarah Radomsky

Faster, meaner and harder. Tomas Lindberg is out and Johan is back for the long-awaited release of Possessed 13. Boasting songs like "No Tomorrow" and "Face of Destruction," The Crown continues to enforce the definition of tight play. Gruesome riffs, huge energy and screaming guitar solos throb through the whole album as Swedish black meets… Continue reading The Crown

King Diamond

By Sarah Radomsky

With The Puppet Master, the Danish horror king delivers an album that will not disappoint dedicated fans. It introduces more horror-tale lyrics, classic guitar riffs, complex song structures, eerie solos and creative use of keyboards you can only get from King Diamond. This concept album, catchier than the rest, tells the story of a psychopath,… Continue reading King Diamond

Snap, crackle, suck

By Rob Scherf

I’m staring at my computer screen and I honestly have no idea what I’m supposed to be writing here. I saw Ginger Snaps 2 almost three weeks ago and every couple of days since then I’ve opened up the ol’ word processor and tried to get down my thoughts about it. The bitch is totally… Continue reading Snap, crackle, suck

Shisha and donair

By Alan Cho

The sky was like damp concrete, sprinkled with the cobalt shards of a gin bottle tossed away by someone who had long moved on to more temperate climates. Men and women, disheveled and rumpled, shuffled to late meetings or classes. They will apologetically mouth the words “traffic” and offer a helpless shrug to the person… Continue reading Shisha and donair

Eugene Stickland on playwriting, CNN and nudity

By Alan Cho

My testicles begin to defrost when beloved Calgary playwright Eugene Stickland jokingly promotes this year’s crop of plays going up at Alberta Theatre Projects’ playRites festival to our more reluctant readers. With a new play, All Clear, opening during the festival, Stickland is pulling out all the stops. Well, except the nude card. He quickly… Continue reading Eugene Stickland on playwriting, CNN and nudity


By Jeff Kubik

To your right! To your left! Don’t stop looking, if you’re not careful you’ll miss it all. Festivals are fantastic spectacles, they’re fun because they’re so overwhelming. Too large to take in all at once, you have to pace yourself or, like your mother always warned you, you’ll make yourself sick. The ones we’re most… Continue reading Playrites

TLC for CDs and DVDs

By Ben Li

Many students probably received CDs, DVDs, or some kind of electronic device that uses optical discs of various flavours during the recent holiday season. Brisk sales of consumer and computer optical disc players and recorders–driven by commodification of computing devices capable of producing large quantities of data–means we are increasingly reliant on the contents of… Continue reading TLC for CDs and DVDs

Horoscopes: Chinese style

Want to know what the stars say about your future, but still think Western astrology is a lot of hooey? Perhaps you need to try some traditional Chinese astrology, with a proven track record of over 5,000 years. You may be able to remember all the animals for all 12 years in the cycle, but… Continue reading Horoscopes: Chinese style

Even Wars Have Limits

By Andrew Ross

All may be fair in love, but not in war. As the title suggests, the recent Red Cross "Even Wars Have Limits" symposium–held at the University of Calgary’s Rosza Centre–dealt with issues related to the conduct of hostilities. In particular, the symposium focused on International Humanitarian Law and the challenges faced by the Red Cross… Continue reading Even Wars Have Limits