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Ballots – Ben Li

By Вen Li

President: Bryan WestLeast likely to collapse the build- ing on purpose.VP Academic: Laura SchultzLaura Schultz has repeatedly demonstrated a solid understanding of academic issues facing students and the university. Her dedication to the Students’ Academic Assembly as the Communication and Culture representative for two years has been unmatched. More often than not, she has also… Continue reading Ballots – Ben Li

Bending reality television

By Sarah Dorchak

Who says your future career has to be tied to your degree? Not Shannon Nering. Like most graduates, Nering’s career as a reality TV producer and an author has little-to-nothing to do with her original degree. “I started off in political science, but I was always interested in almost every subject,” Nering remarked. “I wasn’t… Continue reading Bending reality television

Movie Review: Time bendingly brilliant

By Ben Hoffman

A haunting sense of paranoia accompanies the conclusion of Primer, the eerie fulfillment of director/writer/lead actor Shane Carruth’s sagacious take on modern life and science. Carruth, with his background in mathematics and corporate engineering, seems to have filled in all the variables. The movie’s fractals dance is a masterpiece that can communicate a sense of… Continue reading Movie Review: Time bendingly brilliant

Faculty visualizes co-op education program for fine arts

By Scott Strasser

A new co-operative education program for visual arts students may come to the University of Calgary this Fall. Students’ Union vice-president academic Hana Kadri said the proposal for a visual arts co-op program has already gone through the Academic Priorities Subcommittee (APS) and is awaiting approval from the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee (APPc). “Generally… Continue reading Faculty visualizes co-op education program for fine arts

Reuben And The Dark

By Liv Ingram

Funeral Sky — the debut album from Calgary-based Reuben and the Dark — sees the indie-folk outfit explore “the duality of misery and joy.” The album is produced by Florence + The Machine drummer Chris Hayden (who vocalist Reuben Bullock met serendipitously at a resort in Mexico) and Stephen Kozmeniuk. The album incorporates chilling choir-like… Continue reading Reuben And The Dark

Public servants shouldn’t be in it for the money

By Tendayi Moyo

Elizabeth Cannon makes a lot of money. She was recently reappointed as president of the University of Calgary — a job with a base salary of $480,000 per year.This easily lands her in the top-one per cent of wage earners in Canada. Like in 2010, her contract was posted online to make students reflect on… Continue reading Public servants shouldn’t be in it for the money

MLAs vote down gay-straight alliance motion

By Tendayi Moyo

Albertan legislators voted down a motion that requires school boards to support the creation of gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in schools if students ask for them. The private member’s bill, brought forward by Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr, was defeated 31–19 in a vote on the evening of April 7. Hehr said some schools in the province… Continue reading MLAs vote down gay-straight alliance motion