Ballots – Ben Li

By Вen Li

President: Bryan West

Least likely to collapse the build- ing on purpose.

VP Academic: Laura Schultz

Laura Schultz has repeatedly demonstrated a solid understanding of academic issues facing students and the university. Her dedication to the Students’ Academic Assembly as the Communication and Culture representative for two years has been unmatched. More often than not, she has also been the voice of reason at dreadfully long Students’ Legislative Council meetings, which she goes to voluntarily.

VP External: Kevin Maloney

Kevin Maloney balances SU experience with fresh new ideas, though he would benefit from more charisma.

VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

I don’t care about most events, yet he convinced me to care about his campaign.

VP Op-Fi: Jarrod Fuhr

The hardest part about voting for Jarrod Fuhr is not voting for Greg Clayton, whose ideas and en- thusiasm are slightly eclipsed by Fuhr’s. Angus Campbell would get the vote, had neither internal candidate run.

Board of Governors: Irene Enyedy

So far, so good.

Senate: Spoiled ballot

In a race where one candidate does not fully understand the functions of the senate, where another candidate believes strongly in SCO’s business model (profit by litigation only), and where yet another is frightfully inexperienced with fairly representing students, I leave it up to the VP External to represent students to this body.

Library Levy: Keep it or ditch it

You can always give to the library directly, too.

Academic Travel, Access Fee: I don’t know

It’s difficult to tell that these are issues, or that anyone is actively campaigning about these issues.

SLA: Reduce it

Proponents have failed to demonstrate convincingly how students’ money translates into servicing students.

U-Pass: Yes

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Faculty representatives

I’m in two faculties with contested races. I have been campaigned exactly zero times by the Science and Social Science rep candidates. I will not be terribly impressed by anyone who gets in.

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