Carte Blanche 3, Various Artists

By James Keller

To be honest, you’ve probably never heard of the Naked Music label. You probably have yet to hear artists such as Onda, Dave Warrin or Blue Mar Ten, who, among other things, share a similar, textured and relaxed electronica style sure to make any house fan’s knees quiver. If this is all news to you, Naked Music’s new compilation Carte Blanche 3 will serve as the perfect introduction.

Featuring the above mentioned acts in a collection of 15 of the best down-tempo, jazzy house tracks you haven’t heard, this compilation is more than just a cd sampler to boost the label. Instead, it presents jazzy beats and intricate sounds that most mainstreamers and electronica fans alike will be able to escape with–although, to be honest, once you do, you won’t want to come back.

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