B Rich, 80 Dimes

Generic, uninspired hip-pop has reached a new level with the debut album by B Rich. 80 Dimes? More like 80 cents. In fact, this disc isn’t even worth that much. The album is about as engaging as a plywood trade convention, and B Rich himself is a textbook specimen whack mc. Every person who listens… Continue reading B Rich, 80 Dimes

Meshell Ndegeocello, Cookie: The Anthropological Mistake

This album is really cool. To be honest, I haven’t been this impressed by a female vocalist since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Perhaps the most noticeable trait of the cd is Ndegeocello’s seamless fusion of jazz, hip-hop and soul. It’s noticeable because it isn’t–with the album over I thought back and realized just how… Continue reading Meshell Ndegeocello, Cookie: The Anthropological Mistake

Bill Frisell, The Willies

The Willies is charming because of its simplicity. Acoustic and electric guitars combine with banjo and bass for 16 songs–no lyrics, and no extravagant synthesizer sounds. Even though the variations between the songs are subtle and the country influence can be heard in every song, the cd doesn’t get annoying. Well-arranged, relaxing music, especially nice… Continue reading Bill Frisell, The Willies

Robin Holcomb, The Big Time

Robin Holcomb’s album The Big Time is musical poetry. The album’s tone is simple and straight forward with complex instrumentals supported by strong vocals and seemingly simple overtones. In sections, the music conveys a hard impact using her choice of words and lyrical structure. Throughout the disc, Holcomb speaks candidly of emotion behind the elusive… Continue reading Robin Holcomb, The Big Time

Morcheeba, Charango

Two months back I started receiving the release sheets proclaiming the upcoming release of a new Morcheeba album. And so my impatience grew.After a minor delay in shipping, it arrived. And angels flew and heralds trumpeted–or something like that.Charango has exceeded every expectation I placed before it, and has delivered one of the most beautifully… Continue reading Morcheeba, Charango

New Canada Research Chairs

Ready for more research? Five additional Canada Research Chairs have been appointed at the University of Calgary, bringing the total to 30 chairs awarded to date. The crc Program was established in 2000 by the Canadian Government to provide $900 million to 2,000 university and hospital researchers across Canada. "The key objective of the crc… Continue reading New Canada Research Chairs

SU Tuition victory

University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge Students’ Union Presidents Matt Stambaugh and Melanee Thomas, respectively, presented before the Standing Committee on Lifelong Learning on Monday July 15 in their first meeting in two years."We presented on tuition and the future of tuition models in Alberta," said Stambaugh. "We had six long-term models for tuition… Continue reading SU Tuition victory