On the golf course…

Not since my trip to the Space Needle have I been so flustered with getting a dented ball of twine into eighteen different plastic cups. A shoulder injury and a heavily-breathing rabid thunderbird (or was it just the wind?) conspired against me, but we had fun nonetheless.Being cut into the side of a hill has… Continue reading On the golf course…

Student criminals?

After much anticipation and preparation on campus, the Group of Six Billion and the G8 summits ran without a hitch late June. "We had been planning for G6B for several months," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "Additional shifts were added, with static guard positions in high risk areas on campus."The G6B conference was held… Continue reading Student criminals?

Dr. Barry Isaac: Teacher, scholar, life-long student

It was standing-room only at Dr. Barry Isaac’s wake. Over 150 friends, relatives, colleagues and students filled the Crescent Heights Community Centre on the afternoon of Saturday, July 13 to remember a man who was more than just an English instructor."Barry had multiple lives as a teacher, scholar and as a life-long student," said Dr.… Continue reading Dr. Barry Isaac: Teacher, scholar, life-long student

Civic census released

The University of Calgary and University Heights communities shrank. Calgary grew by 28,468 last year but the two communities saw population declines of 0.35 per cent and 0.80 per cent, respectively, according to the 2002 civic census released Wed. July 2, 2002.“Typically, inner city areas do tend to slowly decline in population,” said Ward 1… Continue reading Civic census released