I want out

By Rhiannon Kirkland

When Josh Stieber was deployed in February 2007 as a part of the surge in Iraq, he was unaware that what he was going to experience would change who he was and how he saw the world around him. He came back transformed into an advocate of non-violence and opposed to the surge he had… Continue reading I want out

Alleged U of C Escort Recruiter Arrested by Calgary Police

By Jennifer Ludbrook

For University of Calgary students contemplating a career as an escort, the position is officially no longer available. On Tue., Nov. 5, following a covert sting investigation, Calgary Police Vice Detectives arrested 26 year-old Quong Chi Trinh of Calgary in connection with the “Escorts Wanted” posters found on university poster boards in early October. Trinh,… Continue reading Alleged U of C Escort Recruiter Arrested by Calgary Police

Unearthing Calgary’s past

By Nicole Kobie

It’s not just a walk in the park. While the surroundings are as beautiful as any inner-city greenspace, graveyards have gravity and serenity. The ground isn’t just grass, it’s a place where someone’s loved one is eternally resting. Union Cemetery–part of what’s commonly called Cemetery Hill–has another feeling about it, one of history. Few other… Continue reading Unearthing Calgary’s past

Escort agency hiring at U of C

By Jennifer Ludbrook

They say it’s the world’s oldest profession, and it’s coming to a campus near you. We’re all familiar with the terms associated with women who work in the sex trade: whore, prostitute, call-girl, hooker, escort… student. With the rising cost of post-secondary education, some students are looking for alternative ways to finance their higher learning.… Continue reading Escort agency hiring at U of C

The president: one year later

By Nicole Kobie

Not many people like being stopped in the halls and food courts, especially to have their work questioned or criticized. However, if you see University of Calgary President Harvey Weingarten in line for a burger, eating his lunch or walking through the plus-15, don’t hesitate to stop him—-he’d love to hear what you think.Thanks not… Continue reading The president: one year later

To Vancouver and Victoria and back

By Kris Kotarski

I think we expected Fear and Loathing in Vancouver. When Sports Editor Mike Attersall and I stepped on board WestJet flight 33, we weren’t armed with pills and booze but we may as well have been. We had money, which was just as good, and we had high expectations. We were young, resourceful, intelligent, independent,… Continue reading To Vancouver and Victoria and back

Gordon Downie Speaks

By James Keller

The Tragically Hip’s auspicious career has never been thoughtfully planned out. Their ever-changing musical style, ranging from Road Apples’ blues-inducing riffs to Day for Night’s glowing imagery, never alluded to its next destination. Instead, the Hip’s music always carries its audience by the hands, sometimes kicking and screaming, arriving somewhere entirely unique, completely unpredictable.This being… Continue reading Gordon Downie Speaks