It’s an ale of a good time!

Beer is humankind’s oldest prepared beverage. It is undoubtedly a major part of many cultures and some hypotheses about the origins of agriculture point to beer as the main driving force behind choosing to cultivate grains. Through the constant experimentation and exploration of those brewing it, beer has become the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic… Continue reading It’s an ale of a good time!

Concert review: Lauryn Hill

If this story’s headline made you blink twice in disbelief, rest assured, young undergraduate, your corneas haven’t failed you yet. It’s true: The queen of hip hop herself, Ms. Lauryn Hill, graced our very own Flames Central with her jeweled sceptre of poetic wisdom last Friday, May 27.The 36-year-old MC, singer, producer and actress was… Continue reading Concert review: Lauryn Hill