Spun: Elefant

In 1986 they would have been in their element, in 1996 they would have been passe, and in 2006 they’re destined to be one of the hottest retro ’80s bands of the new millennium. Elefant has joined the ranks of several new bands in a revolution bent on reminding the world why ’80s music kicked ass. One spin of the Black Magic Show and it’s obvious Elefant has learned much from their forefathers. The influence of ’80s synth-pop bands such as Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and A-Ha is counterbalanced by the moody songscapes that recall Depeche Mode’s darker moments.

But Elefant is by no means a rip-off band. The Black Magic Show proves that the group has exceptional songwriting talent, musical ability and an indelible mystique that makes their melodies waft through the air long after the record has stopped. It’s difficult not to get drawn-in by the harrowing vocal cries and reckless guitars that paint pictures of heartbreak in “My Apology,” or the mean bass riff and infectious chorus of the sinful “Lolita.” The Black Magic Show might have stolen all its tricks from the ’80s, but it doesn’t matter since we’re still dazed, amazed and left yearning for more.

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