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President Matt Stambaugh

By James Keller

When I asked the SU’s elected officials what separates them from SUs previous, I received a number of very similar responses. Some–most in fact–focused on the “tuition fight.” When critically examining Matt Stambaugh’s job as president, this example presents a number of problems. Most important, is the lack of tuition-related initiatives, a major campaign issue… Continue reading President Matt Stambaugh

Stambaugh on the brink

By Allie Smyth

An otherwise innocuous question sparked a debate at the April 2 Students’ Legislative Council meeting that brought the membership of Students’ Union Operations and Finance Commissioner Matt Stambaugh on SLC in question.Operations and Finance Commissioner Mark Counsell asked Vice-President Op-Fi Natasha Dhillon about Stambaugh’s attendance for the semester."This is the fourth meeting Mr. Stambaugh has… Continue reading Stambaugh on the brink

The Kobyashi Maru:

By Matt Stambaugh

We should be proud.Entering this year we were faced with the Kobyashi Maru, the unwinnable scenario. It was stated to us that differential tuition and maximum tuition hikes were a fait accompli, nothing we could do would stop it. We found ourselves at a crossroads. As students, did we accept the assumptions of the administration,… Continue reading The Kobyashi Maru:

Our own Tent City

By Вen Li

“It’s the new hippie movement.”Students’ Union President Matt Stambaugh proudly eyed just one corner of his temporary kingdom in front of MacEwan Student Centre as he described the almost one-hundred tents erected since Monday. Students from almost every faculty united against proposed tuition increases in the soggy pre-spring bog.“It’s good that most students at least… Continue reading Our own Tent City

Another voice in the darkness

By Matt Stambaugh

Re: “A Voice in the Darkness,” March 13, 2002. While I respect Mr. Li’s opinions and welcome debate on an issue as important as differential tuition, I find he underestimates the anti-differential sentiment on campus. Tony Blair has gone to war with only 35 per cent of his population supporting the attack. The differential tuition… Continue reading Another voice in the darkness

Feed the beast

By Matt Stambaugh

Over 2000 years ago oligarchies in Greek city-states started an experiment we casually call democracy. Although the percentage of total population given the right to vote was small, the experiment allowed for leadership candidates to put their ideas and character to the test of their peers, providing a vessel through which responsible government could emerge.… Continue reading Feed the beast


By Matt Stambaugh

What a crazy day, two midterms, a paper, and a job interview. What are those strange tables with the computers set up for? Can’t be important, screw it.The life of a student in mid February is not a calm one. With the demands of school and life in general attacking from all angles, a Students’… Continue reading Election!