The path less travelled

By Matt Stambaugh

How many times do you get told by the Students’ Union what to do? Every year the su stands on its damn high horse and proclaims to be able to lead you to the promised land of low tuition and better education. Well I don’t know about you, but I seem to recall a tuition increase every year no matter what the su rants and raves about.

The su cannot fight the issue of tuition.

Only you can.

There are less than 40 elected officials within the Students’ Union. 40 out of 26,000 students looks pretty poor as a force for change. It is embarrassingly easy for the administration, province, and everyone else to ignore our student concerns if only 0.002 percent of the student population is engaging the powers that be over tuition and funding concerns. We are being ignored.

On Mar. 21, the Board of Governors of the University of Calgary will decide your tuition level for the upcoming academic year. The recommendation from administration is to charge students the maximum allowed under a ramshackle provincial tuition fee policy, including massive differential tuition in selected faculties. It is only in the strength of our numbers that we may form a critical mass that will protect accessible education in this province. Write your mla, mp, the President of the U of C, and the Board of Governors chair expressing your concern over this tuition proposal. Write the Gauntlet, Herald, Globe, or other papers outlining your thoughts. Come out on Mar. 21 and voice your concerns with the direction our administration is taking the U of C. Take your future into your own hands-together we will fight this.

It is time for the students at the University of Calgary to take the path less travelled, the path of action.

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