No free PhDs at U of C

By Вen Li

PhD students at the U of C will not see tuition waivers in the near future, according to U of C President Dr. Harvey Weingarten. The issue of waivers for PhD students, as practiced in some other Canadian universities, was raised in the Mar. 27 General Faculties Council meeting.“The decision to guarantee a certain level… Continue reading No free PhDs at U of C

Ontario teases students’ empty wallets

By Karoline Czerski

Ontario colleges and universities will enjoy a few extra political dollars scheduled to flow in with the new provincial budget, but students’ wallets will remain as empty as before.On Mar. 27, Ontario’s budget proposal signaled new funding to colleges and universities of about $60 million in 2003-04 as a part of a multi-year commitment.“We are… Continue reading Ontario teases students’ empty wallets

Tuition: 6.3 per cent, and differentials

By Marti Webster

Students eerily chanted “Harvey, Harvey, Harvey,” and shouted “Down with tuition!” outside the U of C Board of Governors meeting on Fri., Mar. 21. Lofty students smacked picket signs against a second-story Dining Centre window from outside. Even the walls rattled at times with pounding. But none of these actions stopped the board from implementing… Continue reading Tuition: 6.3 per cent, and differentials

Our own Tent City

By Вen Li

“It’s the new hippie movement.”Students’ Union President Matt Stambaugh proudly eyed just one corner of his temporary kingdom in front of MacEwan Student Centre as he described the almost one-hundred tents erected since Monday. Students from almost every faculty united against proposed tuition increases in the soggy pre-spring bog.“It’s good that most students at least… Continue reading Our own Tent City

Tuition fear

By Kelly Benedict

Crickets, climbing walls, and happy meals. What do they all have in common? They were all part of the Students’ Union’s Tuition Fear Factor held Tue., Mar. 19 in front of MacEwan Hall. SU Commissioner Richard “Krafty” Bergen hosted the event, and was pleased with the outcome. “It was our first time doing something like… Continue reading Tuition fear

Mullet madness

By Karoline Czerski

Bad hairdos befell the U of C campus this week as a few unlucky students turned their tussles into “Mullets Against Tuition,” Mon., Mar. 17 in MacEwan Student Centre. The event marks yet another phase of the Students’ Union’s “Tuition Awareness” campaign against the university’s proposal of 7 per cent maximum tuition increase for all… Continue reading Mullet madness

Admin pushes differential tuition, 6.3% increase

By Nicole Kobie

If the University of Calgary administration has its way, differential tuition will not only raise fees for MBA, Law and Medicine students, but the rest of us will see a 6.3 per cent increase in tuition–and if an extra $260 a year isn’t enough to keep the riff-raff out, what is? Last Tue., Feb. 10,… Continue reading Admin pushes differential tuition, 6.3% increase

Fun and informative tuition events abound

By Gareth Williams

The Students’ Union is hoping to increase awareness about differential tuition this February through events held all across campus. They plan to take their presentation to all faculties and hold events in MacEwan Students Centre to promote awareness and dialogue on differential tuition.“Our goal for the end of February is for everyone on campus to… Continue reading Fun and informative tuition events abound

U of A gets differential tuition

By Вen Li

Students won a partial victory against differential tuition in Edmonton last week. The University of Alberta Board of Governors agreed to exclude the Bachelor of Commerce program from a differential increase, but raised general tuition by 6.9 per cent instead of the proposed 6.4 per cent to recoup the difference.Tuition for medicine, law and MBA… Continue reading U of A gets differential tuition