Fun and informative tuition events abound

The Students’ Union is hoping to increase awareness about differential tuition this February through events held all across campus. They plan to take their presentation to all faculties and hold events in MacEwan Students Centre to promote awareness and dialogue on differential tuition.

“Our goal for the end of February is for everyone on campus to know what differential tuition is and for dialogue to be created about it,” said SU Vice-President External Nick Vuckovic. “February is education month, then March is the action month where we start fighting differential tuition.”

The SU is also hoping to combat the apparent lack of interest that students have regarding the university administration’s proposed introduction of differential tuition and the universal tuition increase.

“The reason why apathy is so high is because students are uneducated about what differential tuition is,” said SU External Commissioner Lauren Batiuk.

The SU will try to collect signatures for their petition against differential tuition that will be presented to the Board of Governors on March 21. The SU will also present their case to as many students as possible, including those who do not visit MacEwan Students Centre very often.

“There will also be a trivia and games event held in MacHall every Wednesday called ‘The Price is Wrong,'” said Batiuk. Based on the Bob Barker game show, it will try to present the SU’s facts in an entertaining way. More seriously, there will also be a series of academic forums held in MacEwan Hall during the last week of February.

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