$11,000 tuition fight

By Вen Li

A mechanical bull ($1,100), a car bashing device ($20), and food for a tent city of 2,000 people ($4,532) are all on the tuition fight 2003 budget approved by the Students’ Legislative Council on Tue., Feb. 25.

“We need to get a lot of people out: it all comes down to size,” said SU President Matt Stambaugh. “U of A had a rally but it was not as big as it could be.”

In January, Student leaders at the University of Alberta failed to stop that university’s Board of Governors from introducing differential tuition.

Stambaugh hopes both students and the community at large will educate themselves and perhaps lobby government officials via their Tuition Headquarters located next to the SU Copy Centre.

“If they ignore everything else, they should come out to rally on March 21,” said Stambaugh. “The Board of Governors’ tuition decision does not just affect students one year, it establishes a mindset for the foreseeable future.”

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