Mullet madness

By Karoline Czerski

Bad hairdos befell the U of C campus this week as a few unlucky students turned their tussles into “Mullets Against Tuition,” Mon., Mar. 17 in MacEwan Student Centre.

The event marks yet another phase of the Students’ Union’s “Tuition Awareness” campaign against the university’s proposal of 7 per cent maximum tuition increase for all faculties next fall, as well as limited differential tuition.

“The ’80s are marked by bad haircuts and low tuition fees,” stated Jayna Gillchrist, Vice-President Academic and incoming SU President. “So we want to go back to the ’80s.”

Student participation rated mediocre at this event in comparison to other tuition awareness madness. “Tent City” has sprawled itself across the front lawn of MacEwan Student Centre and Tuition Fear Factor gathered more crowds than mullets could imagine.

The “Back to the ’80s” theme was not clear to some students who do not associate hockey hair with lower tuition. Nevertheless, the six students that participated in the noon-hour sacrifice did not do it in vain.

“The benefit of mullets is that you notice them,” remarked Gillchrist.

In addition, the participants received a 25 per cent discount certificate at the Den–not such a bad deal for a starving student with a bad haircut.

While these six suckers serve as a reminder of why mullets were left behind when the decade of fashion horror ended, they are, more importantly, a record of how far students will go to be seen, and heard, by a student body that rarely notices.

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